NEWSITEFEATURES 11 September 2006

New site features:

  • Buy what you hear -Click on the mix cover or mix name to view more information about the mix as well as the tracklisting. By clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button you can easly purchse a track you hear in the a mix for the new Grundoon Music store.
  • Search features – search our extensive database of mixes by Genre, Deejay Name, Mix Name and even Location.
  • Sort features – sort your search results by mix rating, date added to the site and location.
  • Favorite mixes – click on the ‘add to favorites’ button to add a mix to your favorites, by adding a mix to your favorite mixes you’ll easly be able to find it when returning to the site.
  • Favorite Deejay – click on the ‘add to favorites’ button to add a Deejay to your favorites by adding a Deejay to your favorites not only will you easily be bale to find the Deejay’s profile but each time one of your favorite Deejays uploads a new mix you will automaticly be notified by email.
  • Rate mixes – rate the mixes on the site so that other Grundoon Members can see what you like listening to.
  • New Grundoon Gear – the new clothing shop features a variety of new gear featuring the new Grundoon Music logo and much more.
  • Advertise with us – now Deejays and promoters can promote them selves and events to Grundoon’s global audfience. 
    More cool features coming soon….
Published By : Grundoon Press
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