Joe Biscuitz
El Presidente

Joe Biscuitz is the brains behind the operation, the genius behind it all. He had the foresight and understanding that the world needed something more, something that would bring the people together, unite them once and for all, ‘a light to shine the way’.
That something would be music, top quality Dance Music! And so with the assistance of the Team Supreme the ultimate Dance Music site was born.
No one is certain of Joe’s origins, some say he came from the sky, others believe he is an ambrosial apparition from another dimension. One thing if for sure, Joe is no ordinary man. From his humble beginnings in Africa Jo knew that he had a greater purpose in life. He knew that one day the world would need guidance… And so began his quest deep into the Underground Dance movement, committed to discovering the best beats. It wasn’t long before he had earned a status of a living legend, known for bringing the roof down at even the dullest of parties.
It has been a long, hard fight but slowly the world is beginning to awaken from their nightmare. Joe and the GrundoonTeam are beginning to undo the chains of oppression that have placed on the people of earth. But the war is far from over…Joe knows he cannot do it alone and so the Team Supreme travel the globe and with the use of the internet search for gifted Deejays  to join the noble fight of bring quality Dance Music to the ears of all.

Greg Wilkinson
Legend of the night

Greg Wilkinson, GrundoonMusic Co-founder and heads up GrundoonMusic's West Coast Operations. Greg was born through the love of Underground House Music, and raised on a diet of wild parties. He gained over 10 years experience in South Africa, UK and the USA; organizing and spinning at the hottest underground raves. An ex-Trance Dj, Greg soon realized the error of his ways and began to play Progressive House. Then he kinda merged the two and now just plays Chunky, Dirty Electro House that smacks you round the chops!

Paul Famous
The Man of Mystery

Paul Famous, very little is known about this Super Dee Jay. Rumor has it that Jo discovered him deep in the Himalayans Mountains playing Chicago House to the poor people of Nepal. Jo knew immediately that anyone capable of saving these simple-minded people from Enlightenment was clearly GrundoonMusic material.
Currently the  head of the East Coast Operations. Situated in the heart of Manhattan, Bolous has dedicated his life to GrundoonMusic and all that it stands for. Equipped with his humble powers of being able to make any woman melt with a single glance as well as his power to convert people to House Music with a single mix, things are looking up for the people of the New York. So beware villains, “The Worm” in the Big Apple has arrived and no iPod is safe until only banging dance tunes are being played.

Bam Bam

Sean “Bam Bam” Bartrum grew into a house hold name by the mid 90’s through mythical stories by fellow clubbers of this House junkies weekly visits to world famous clubs in South African and London. However, it was in the mid 80’s that Sean managed to cut his groove into the Electro, Vocal House tunes that ravaged the dance halls, floors and basements of that time.
So it was only inevitable that this monarch of the mainstream dance floor scene would take his personality and add his flare to the now emergent Underground following and become a memebr of the GrundoonTeam. Making a habit of Sunday nights out in London, arriving at work still fully charged was a way of life for this enthusiast, dare I say connoisseur, of the House revelation that has swept the world by storm.
Sean heads up GrundoonMusic's European operations

Matt Bowes

Often called call Matt, just plain Matt, but this man is anything but plain.
He has had his claws in House since the early 90’s as part of the early Underground Party Scene in both the UK and South Africa.
Such is his dedication to bringing quality music to the people of earth that he protested in London in 94’ when the British government passed the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. Unfortunately for Matt, he thought the protest was to make “Blue Monday” the British National Anthem, but it’s the thought that counts.
Jo had been a life long friend of Matt’s but Matt knew him buy another name, completely unaware of his friend’s alter ego. From party to party Matt’s Dee Jay-ing skills brought the House down, completely unaware that in the shadows was the “GrundoonTeam” watching.
It was clear that his dedication to the music warranted a position on TheTeam.
With much sweat and blood, Matt has established himself the Director of Africa Operations. He is dedicated to giving every African the beats they deserve.
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