GrundoonMusic is all about the sharing, the experience and the lifestyle of Dance Music.
From the East to West, North to South - we aim to bring the very best of Dance Music and the total clubbing experience together.

With over 60 years experience in the industry we the GrundoonTeam strive to express ourselves through our passion for music; combining our collective knowledge and skills we are able to bring you the very best of each genre and style the clubbing world has to offer. From Deep House to Latino, Tech to Tribal, one thing is for sure, if you are looking for the best up & coming international dance music producers & deejays you have come to the right place…

Our mission is to introduce and open the minds of listeners the world over to the broad spectrum of Dance Music by exposing you to all forms of club sounds.

So if you are into Dance Music or even if you are new to the scene, stay for a while and listen to the soothing sounds of GrundoonMusic, we promise you won’t leave.
The inception of GrundoonMusic it’s Collaborators, Dee Jays and Loyal fans marks a new dawn in the era for Dance.

The doors are wide open so come on in and let the party can begin…Welcome to the underground…Welcome to GrundoonMusic!
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Grundoon Music
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Grundoon Music
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